Eva Colmers

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What the artist does

      Eva Colmers is an independent filmmaker who has written, directed and produced a dozen award-winning short films including: Granny Baby; The Weightless Traveller; End of the Rope; Blink!; and No Problem. For the NFB (National Film Board) she has written and directed The Enemy Within, based on her father's experience as a POW in Canada, and more recently, The NFB Elder Project, an episodic story collection about the final chapter in the life of 7 different elderly people.

      Her films have been invited to many festivals around the globe, and she has received several awards for her creative stories and style. 

      Eva's background is in theatre, and she holds an MA in Drama in Education. For 12 years, she has taught drama to 5 year olds, all the way to 82 years olds at the Citadel Theatre, and continues to enjoy teaching and sharing her skills with others.

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