Izabella Orzelski-Konikowski

 Ph. 780-468-5150 or Email Izabella 
 Website: www.artiza.com

What the artist does

  • Oil/Acrylic painting - portraits, figure, painting techniques of the Old Masters, Impressionism, Abstract painting
  • Encaustic painting
  • Drawing

What the artist has done

  • Instructor for 12 years at: Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta; MacEwan University; Metro Continuing Education 
  • Commissioned for Dr. Harriet Winspear Portrait, Lieutenant Governor Lois Hole Portrait, Dr. Grant MacEwan Portrait
  • Experience working with seniors: Taught painting course for ELLA (Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association) at the U of A's Faculty of Extension for past 4 years

Credentials and memberships


  • Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Graduate School of Figurative Art, New York Academy of Art

Artist comments

  • Duration: varies
  • Recipient of numerous awards and grants, including a Winspear Fund Grant in Edmonton and a Dahesh Museum Award in New York. Often works in collaboration with her husband, Bogdan, in a unique partnership rarely seen in the field of portraiture
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