Nicole Beart

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What the artist does

    • Nicole Beart is the founder of Memory Catcher Inc. (, a boutique production company specializing in personal history and family story films.  When you see a biography on A & E, or the history channel, that’s what Memory Catcher does for regular people.  
    • A graduate of the University of Alberta, Nicole is a member of the Association of Personal Historians, an international organization committed to preserving individuals’ life stories for future generations.  Through her work, Nicole focuses on helping seniors capture their stories, while empowering them to choose the legacy they will leave behind.
    • Nicole is actively involved in Edmonton through her volunteer work with Make A Wish Northern Alberta, Intervivos, and the launch of The Tale Treasury.  Inspired by the power of family storytelling, and the benefits for seniors and youth alike, The Tale Treasury is an oral history curriculum in several local schools, with the aim of facilitating meaningful connections between our elders and our youth.
    • Nicole has a background in the film industry, and has taken courses in editing and television arts at NAIT,.  Through Memory Catcher, Nicole has produced numerous biographies for families, businesses, organizations and non-profits. 
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