Go on – give it a try


Is there a side to you that you’ve never let out?  It’s never too late to explore it – and there are sides to explore that you may never even have thought of. 


After all, this is the time to start thinking of what you’d really like to do with the remaining decades of your life – as Keith Turnbull did when he was planning retirement.


So, during FEST & More you can try out workshops like:


Rock ‘n roll – let the members of the Be Arthurs teach you a 

rock and roll song.
Introduction to acting – all the world’s a stage; get out there.

Performance storytelling – learn how to share your unique story.

Creative movement – move yourself to move others.


Plan a little pARTicipARTion into your retirement. 


Or as David Barnet says, "When I retire I'm going to dance. Everyone wants to dance in some way or another."


Check out more details here. And register for workshops by calling Tix on the Square at 780-420-1757

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