Shadow play

In January, Creative Age Edmonton (CAE) launched an outreach project with the aim of connecting older adults to the arts on a year round basis. One of the components of the project was an orientation session for local artists, to make them aware of the work of Creative Age Edmonton, and to recruit them as potential teaching artists.


The artists in attendance were offered the opportunity to propose a workshop to be held during FEST & More 2014. CAE also requested proposals for 4 five-week residency projects that will be held in community organizations across the city (more on that soon!). 


On of the exciting proposals selected for FEST & More was for a Shadow Puppetry workshop with the remarkable Eva Colmers.


Eva is a successful local filmmaker, theatre artist and teaching artist. In both her film and theatre work, Eva is ‘drawn to the shadows’. She explains, 


“Many years ago, I travelled to Java and Bali and fell in love with the shadow puppetry. I started to actively study this ancient form of story telling and made it the subject of my MA Drama thesis.


From young on, we are drawn to shadows and light.  The simple black shapes have some incredible appeal, magic and appeal. The two-dimensional, basic shape encourages the viewer to become actively involved, to fill in what is not all there … hence, I believe it is a very active, personal and rewarding experience for all ages.


The minimal tech requirement and drawing skills required for the creation of shadow imagery, make shadow theatre an ideal medium to tell your story. Behind the ‘protective’ shadow screen you can feel free to move, sing, scream or dance. Its universal appeal and easy accessibility allow people of all ages and experiences to have fun and get involved.”


Learn more about Eva Colmers at her website, and in this VUE Weekly profile.


Find out about how to take pART in one of the workshops available during FEST & More 2014 here.


The image above is a still from Eva's short film 'The Weightless Traveler' (2010)


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